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HEFS Trace Analysis

Please Note: This interface is intended for medium and long range time periods. For short range time periods, please refer to our Ensemble suite of products available from our front page map.

Step 1 Select a Location:  

Step 2 Select an Accumulation Type:  

Step 3 Select an Interval:  

Step 4 Select a Distribution Type:  

Step 5 Select a Starting Date:       Month:      Day:      Year: 

Please Note: For ALL locations, a date one day in the future is the earliest that can be used to build a product. (Example: If today is November 15th, 2013 then the start date must be either November 16th, 2013 or later)

Step 6 Select an Ending Date:      Month:      Day:      Year: 

Step 7 Select a Plot Option and Generate:  
Or Label Select a Table Option and Generate:  

Help Button Making Selections and Interpreting Results  (Click Help Button)

 Availability of Ensemble Data

Long Range Daily Ensemble CSV Files are available via the California Nevada River Forecast Center website. To access the comma separated value files for download, visit our Long Range Daily Ensemble CSV File Download webpage or via individual ensemble locations from our homepage map interface while viewing the "WY Accum Vol" plots.